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My name is amanda kotesky I’m 18 years old   and I’m from Charlotte North Carolina. As a little kid I always felt like it was hard for me to fit in with others. I always cared about what people thought of me & did everything I could to please others. I was never happy with who I was & was willing to do anything to fit in. When I was 12 I started smoking weed to fit in and be more social and have fun with people. This continued and worsened and I became bad off on Xanax and eventually at 14 years old I was shooting   up meth and heroin everyday to feel normal. My life was completely out of control and I felt there was no hope for me. I knew I wanted to die but if I killed myself I wouldn’t be able to get high anymore so I just continued to live the life I lived with no hope for any sort of future. I tried so many things to change my life: suboxone, jail, other rehabs, mental hospitals, medicine and nothing worked for me. Finally I decided to go to Exodus recovery program and my life was changed. I met Jesus Christ and accepted him as my Lord and savior. His love   changed my life and today I have a future, i see myself as a daughter of the most high king & I know this is only the beginning of an   amazing blessed life following God. Because   I have received freedom, now I want to give it away to others that are also struggling with   what I was going through and today I’m able to do that because of God in my life and my pastors that motivate me and continuously show me love. Praise God.