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My name is Irina and I am from Seattle, Wa. I grew up in the loving family with both parents present and fully engaged in my upbringing. Being an excellent student, I received a great education and my life was full of many opportunities. In 2004 me and my family moved to USA; after a little while my father got really sick and passed away. The pain and sorrow were unbearable and since I’ve battled depression for so many years I simply didn’t see the way out. Shortly   after my father’s death I turn to drugs trying to find peace as comfort. Very soon I realized that I stepped into the deep misery and my life was shattered. My family tried to help me: multiple detox attempts; rehab centers, psychiatric treatments-we tried it all, but nothing worked. We were hopeless. All I saw ahead of me was death. There were   people from local church who continued to visit me and my family, offering help and prayers. For long and painful 7 years they didn’t give up on me. Being completely broken I decided to give it a try a went to rehab center where God supernaturally touched my heart. I experienced the true freedom through Jesus Christ from all addictions and depression. My life was fully restored and I am no longer a burden for my family and society. God completely changed my character and relationships with my loved ones and placed me in big church family where I feel loved and accepted. I have a dreams and hope for my future; I am grateful for every single day of my life!