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Our Program



We schedule a meeting with the person who is interested in the program as well as family members, friends and any other people who are effected by the unfortunate events that are taking place in this person’s life. We give a detailed description of our program, schedule and rules to be sure that the person makes the right steps when entering the program. We also consult family and friends on the right way to carry themselves when dealing with a loved one in recovery.

Inpatient recovery stage

First stage consists of a 6 month inpatient program. Here they will live in a house with other people who are dealing with similar issues in life. At this point they learn to life together as a family, helping, encouraging and edifying each other. Each person is given a responsibility that will help them develop the right habits and skills needed in their every day life. People in our program spend their time reading the bible and studying biblical principles and learning to apply them in their life.



After people have completed the Inpatient stage they are now ready to become productive members of society. During this stage people are able to work part time, serve others and apply the skills that they have learned. This is when people are able to socially adapt, have a positive influence on the community and any social circle that they are in.


Long term support is something that we offer. This is not limited in time and is available to every person when they finish the program. What we do is help people find employment, get enrolled in school and find housing. During this phase the person is able to build positive relationships and is able to deal with the circumstances of life.



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